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Review: Annihilators: Earthfall #1 (of 4)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 09/28/2011 - 18:49

Q1: Why did Peter Quill, in his last recorded quote, tell Cosmo the Teeping Doggy to assemble a team of “Annihilators” over a crew like the beloved Guardians he commanded?

A1: Because they were all heavy-hitters, something (besides Adam Warlock) the old team did not have.

Q2: What was at least one reason the first Annihilators mini stunk to high Helios?

A2: The heavy-hitters were acting like members of Aunt May’s sewing circle … and I bet some of them could’ve taken on Quasar and the Accused from Annihilators #1-2.


Well, DnA have apparently gotten their groove back because this second mini, Annihilators: Earthfall, opens with the mighty being mighty and the threat being actually that: a threat of true cosmic proportion!

Now we know from future solicitations what – or rather who – is coming, and there are hints of that even this first issue as the Matriarch and the UCT return with some good ol’ faith energy. But even during an impressive and beautifully-rendered opening space battle (kudos to Huat, Hennessy and especially colorist Wil Quintana), it is Cosmo in Charge and off the team go (sans explanation) to Earth, “just another alien world,” in the words of Ronan.

Seems a secret cabal of UCTers are up to no good in Colorado, protecting something called the Zelator (another cocoon, anyone?). They reveal their true selves during battle, but all of a sudden “human” up so that a bad public perception rap is laid down on the Cosmic A-Team.

And guess who shows up then, seeing aliens of the believed villainous kind (sorry, Wendell and BRB)? You guessed it. Some Powerful Avengers Assembled (including former Binary, Ms. Marvel – hint, hint, DnA)!

Wanna know how cool this issue is? We even see S.W.O.R.D. for a panel or two! Very logical and welcomed.

Like most everyone else I know, I miss Guardians of the Galaxy and hope the coming Point One one-shot lets us know some news on the team as well as Nova. BUT … DnA are firing on all cylinders in this #1 and I hope the quality does not jump the shark this time.

Even without the Silver Surfer, these four dudes and the space knight are bloody cool!  

Oh, and the Rocket Raccoon & Groot short? Well, if you liked Tim Green’s quirky take on Raccoon-as-Office-Boy in the first mini, you are bound to love this romp … and that’s all I am sayin’.