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Review: Animal Man #2 (Lemire & Foreman)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 10/04/2011 - 23:38

The hottest book to come out of the new DCU continues its trend of providing horrific acts of grotesque brutalness that leaves your mouth gaping in astonishment.

Lemire and Foreman once again provide a most enthralling story, a definite page-turner, that at the same time repulses - all the while pulling you in! You can't help but want more and more of Animal Man!

Our story continues from the events seen at the end of last issue with little Maxine bringing the corpse's of the neighborhood's dead animals back to life. Maxine has similar powers to her father, Bernhard Baker, Animal Man - but Maxine is no "daddy's little girl." She is far more than that! 

Likewise, Animal Man seems to be becoming something more than he once was, something more than he thinks he is. And this journey is brought to fruition with the aid of Maxine who opens her father's eyes to what is. And just what that is may be truly terrifying!

In short, there is a trouble brewing and it looks as if Animal Man must be the one to stop it. However, what he faces might be worst than anything seen in your worst nightmare!

The art is just as spectacular as the first issue. Time and time again, a sly smirk appeared upon my face as I witnessed what Foreman and company depicted. It's exciting, crazy and exhilarating all wrapped into one!  I'm chuckling to myself as I think about what little Maxine did to a neighbor who made the mistake of threatening her brother. He'll surely think twice before he puts his hand on anyone ever again!

This is a book you won't want to miss. Get to your local comic shop early tomorrow and get in line for this one, as it is another sure sell out!