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Review: The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 #10

Posted By: BrandonBarrows
Thu, 04/28/2011 - 13:25

Claudio is finally pissed enough to take action, and it’s going to be trouble for anyone who gets in his way.

Last issue, Wilhelm surprised the worlds of Heaven’s Fence with a live broadcast announcing not only his return, but his intention of destroying any who do not acknowledge his divinity. He then, seemingly, unleashed his forces against the world of Godder Damm and we were left with an uneasy alliance between Claudio, Ambellina, Sizer and the serial killer Al.

In the current issue, Claudio has decided that the fight must finally be taken to Wilhelm Ryan, rather than waiting around and reacting only if he is personally endangered. His first step was to be the rescue of his friend Cecil, captured long ago and held in a death camp by Ryan’s forces. Unfortunately, Claudio is not yet practiced enough with his powers and first nearly burns himself out in battle against Ryan’s soldiers, then accidentally kills his friend with a stray blast. Things look bad for the small group, but Claudio leaps into the celestial furnace boiling with Keywork energy and his true power is finally unleashed, supposedly creating a flash of light seen across the Heaven’s Fence.

Having defeated Ryan’s troops for the moment, and determined to move forward as quickly as possible, the group sets off world again in Al’s ship, the Camper Velourium. As when she first came aboard, Ambellina feels a negative energy emanating from the ship, but is now determined to find it and stumbles upon Al’s freezer in which he keeps his victims. Discovered and subdued by Al, we’re left wondering on Ambellina’s fate.

This was a great issue, and as we’re getting towards the end of the series (only two issues remain), it was nice to see a heaping dose of action and some solid steps toward a confrontation between Claudio and Wilhelm Ryan. Peter David’s scripting over Claudio Sanchez’s story is, of course, wonderful and Aaron Kuder’s art has seemed to get better each issue. Final verdict: a great issue and I’m looking forward to the next.