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Review: AMC's The Walking Dead: "Secrets" - Spoilers (Episode 6 Season 2)

Review: AMC's The Walking Dead: "Secrets" - Spoilers (Episode 6 Season 2)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/21/2011 - 01:10
Review: AMC's The Walking Dead: "Secrets" - Spoilers (Episode 6 Season 2)


Best episode of the season, I would say!

First of all, if you like The Walking Dead television show, you will LOVE the comic book.

Seriously. Head on over to Amazon and you can find a good deal on the graphic novel.

I read the first 40 or so issues in two nights and had nightmares. Even told the writer Robert Kirkman that, and had my e-mail printed in The Walking Dead #50.

And if you are worried that reading ahead too far might spoil the show, no worries as the TV series has taken a life of its own! Yet still remains true at the same time.

Now, on to "Secrets!"

Spoilers, ahoy.

Note: The following is not in exact order it occurred in the episode, but a general recap.

As the title of this episode suggests, "secrets" plays a large role; however, it might aptly be named "secrets" - revealed!

Glenn is burdened by two secrets: that the barn houses Walkers and that Lori is pregnant. Well, Glenn is an honest lad and is not too good and keeping them so he spills the beans to Dale, who I suppose is a father figure to Glenn. Dale has a conversation with Herschel telling him he took a walk by the barn and heard the moans. Herschel responds that he thinks it's best Dale kept that to himself. While it is true Rick might agree with Herschel in keeping them (as Herschel doesn't think they are dead - just sick), Herschel asks Dale if the others in his camp would.

Lori asks Glenn to take a ride into town to fetch her some supplies for the pregnancy. Glenn complies and Maggie goes with him. She's pissed off at Glenn for telling Dale because now her father is mad at her. They get into an argument about the Walkers with Glenn telling her she didn't see Atlanta. Maggie responds she doesn't call them Walkers, she call's them Mom etc. They arrive at the pharmacy where a ticked off Maggie learns why they are there; now she knows Lori is pregnant. As they search for the supplies -- a Walker attacks Maggie!

- Opinion time -

I gotta say this was one of the most ridiculous looking zombies for this show they have ever done. I half expected someone to pop out with a shotgun and chainsaw yelling, "Shop smart! Shop S-mart!" Seriously, between this episodes "hanging head" zombie and last's "bloated zombie," the budget cuts are beginning to show. Thankfully, the storyline has been pretty decent, with this episode backing that argurment up, I would say. 

- End opinion time -

Back to the show: Glenn and Maggie make their way back, and while handing the supplies over to Lori, Maggie throws a hairy conniption telling her to do her own dirty work. As she leaves, Glenn offers Lori some advice that she shouldn't make the decision alone.

At some point Lori had a conversation with Herschel who informed her that they probably would be leaving soon, most likely headed to Fort Benning. Lori then confronted Rick about keeping secrets etc.

Meanwhile, while all that was going down, Carl asked Shane to teach him how to use a gun, which caused Shane to see something tucked under Carl's shirt - a gun! A meeting was held between Shane, Lori and Rick. Lori was mad; however Rick agreed that Carl should be able to learn how to shoot (awesome!).

They hold target practice for everyone, with Andrea coming off as quite the marksman. She nailed everything - and I mean everything (more on that in a bit). Rick thinks it's a good idea to teach Andrea the "advanced" class, so Shane takes her out to the woods to do some moving target practice. Andrea has a tough time and is getting all emotional; she can't hit the target. Shane yells and screams at her and mentions Andrea's sister, Amy. To that, Andrea walks away. As Andrea makes her way down the road to walk back to Herschel's farm, Shane pulls up in the car and makes an attempt at an apology. He informs her there is a sub-dvelopment they need to check out as the missing girl, Sophia, might be there. Both of them head over to check it out.

As they make their way from house to house, a zombie hoard (or at least a bunch) finds them! Shane starts taking them out clearing the car, but Andrea is having a hard time. Her gun gets jammed! Shane tells Andrea to remain calm and unjam the gun. The zombies are getting close and closer, and Shane puts down his gun! Andrea at first is shaken, but quickly recovers as she blasts a hole through one of the zombies. Bam! Bam! Bam! Andrea takes them out one by one. The look on her face is one of enjoyment.

Speaking of enjoyment, as Shane and Andrea make their way back to the farm, Andrea reaches over and grabs Shane's package! They pull the car over and go at it. 


As Dale confronted Herschel about the Walkers in the barn, he now confronts Lori. He tells her his wife was pregnant at one time, but had a misscarriage, and couldn't stand to be around the smell of burning meat either. 

When Shane and Andrea arrive at camp, they are met by Dale and Carol. Andrea is acting a bit strange to which Dale takes immediate notice. He takes Shane aside and says now would be a good time to leave; he knows what kind of man he really is. Dale tells him he remembers when Shane had Rick in his sites etc. This angers Shane who responds by telling him he would never kill Rick as that is his brother, but some man he doesn't like in the first place would be no problem.

Back to Lori. The supplies Lori asked Glenn to get were the "morning after" abortion pills. She takes a handful of them and immediately regrets it. She makes her way out to edge of the woods and gags herself to throw them up. Rick comes back to the tent and discovers the packages. He confronts Lori about the pills, with her crying that she doesn't want to bring a baby into a world like this that would have a short life etc. Rick is upset, she is upset and it eventually comes out that Lori slept with Shane. However, Rick tells Lori he knew this, and that it was because she thought he was dead. Lori agreed, stating that was the reason why.

Next week sees the mid-season finale with episode 7, "Pretty Much Dead Already."

Episode 8 and the second half of The Walking Dead returns on Sunday February 12th at 9pm ET on AMC.

Head on over here for the preview trailer and clip.