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Superman Action Comics #902 Review

Review: Action Comics #902

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 06/23/2011 - 19:24
Superman Action Comics #902 Review

Paul Cornell gives us the best issue of a Superman title that I have read in over a year. Action Comics #902 lives up its name, as we get some super action with Superman, Supergirl, Steel and Superboy all present doing what they do best - saving the day! 

This is the first issue of Action Comics I have picked up since "War of Krypton," and only the second or third from the "Reign of Doomsday" storyline. I wasn't too lost, as apparently there is some sort of intelligent Doomsday attempting to make up for the crimes of his counterparts (maybe from an alternate universe?). True to form, Superman representing truth, justice and the American Way, stands in this Doomsday's crosshairs, preventing it from killing, as it tries to permanently put out of action an incapacitated clone. 

Bonus points to Cornell, as this takes place in space, in Earth's orbit, aboard some sort of vessel that is crash landing and targeting - you guessed it - Metropolis! However, this isn't your run-of-the-mill Superman story, where Big Blue saves the day solo-style. It will take all the Super beings to stop the devastation threatening not only the home of the Daily Planet - but the entire North American continent. Actually, while Superman does do the heavy lifting, the saving is left for his super friends.

The art for the issue is split between two artists, which is usually a sign of disaster in its own right. However, the team of Kenneth Rocafort and Axel Gimenez does a satisfactory job of rendering the iconic action that comes with a book required such as this. I'm not that familiar with either artist, but their styles were similar enough as not to be too distracting, with Rocafort's the more photo-realistic, similar to Leinil Francis Yu in "Birthright" (that's a good thing!). And both artists did a particular fine Supergirl  - wow!

This was a fun issue which any Superman fan should enjoy. If the "Grounded" arc over in the other title is boring you to death, Action Comics is the defibrillator you need to shock your desire for Superman back into action!