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Review: Action Comics #1 (Morrison and Morales)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/06/2011 - 16:56

The Man of Tomorrow is here today as Grant Morrison and Rags Morales debut the new issue of Action Comics #1 from DC Comics!

Justice has a new face - and it happens to come with glowing red eyes that spit fire!

Rich or poor, the people's defender answers the call of the helpless - using might to make right!

Morrison provides a very accessible first issue introducing us to a young, rather bold version of the Man of Steel set five years in the past; one that reacquaints familiar characters - friends and villains alike - beginning the path of new adventure. Readers of the DCU of old will be content with this fresh take; likewise, any new comer should feel enthused and captivated all at the same time. The issue provides enough background coupled with just the right amount of progression; Morrison takes us right into the thick of the story.

As expected - and welcomed, the issue is heavy on action, and Morrison uses this to unfold the story that is Superman. The issue ties into the previous week's new Justice League, in that the government of this new DCU has their sites targeted at every super powered individual. The alien that first appeared six months ago is only getting more powerful - much to the chagrin of two familiar adversaries that make their presence known! And what these two individuals have planned involves not only the Last Son Of Krypton, but Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, as well!

The art from Morales, Byrant and Anderson mirrors this brash new direction we are witness to, displaying Superman's super feats, and at the same time, capturing the youthful spirit this book ensues. Morales is the perfect match for a book such as this with "action" as part of the title, as he incorporates movement in just about every panel giving this an adrenalin-pumping feel. 

As far as this super fan is concerned, DC has done right with Superman. I couldn't be happier with this first issue, and coupled with the new Superman, they should make an interesting combination - especially seeing how George Perez's take is set in the present.

I'm glad to say: There is a new Boss in Metropolis!