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Ray Fisher Crashes Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Panel At RICC

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sun, 11/13/2016 - 18:38

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was featured today at the Rhode Island Comic-Con where fellow Justice League member Ray Fisher crashed her panel.

A Redditor graciously wrote up a description, and Ray Fisher posted a pic on his way to the RICC.

Gal Gadot panel description with Ray Fisher:

The panel started about a half hour late and was only scheduled to be a half hour long so it was very rushed, they didn't take Q+A questions! Gal came out and talked about being a powerful female character for people to look up to. She talked a bit about the UN meeting, how meeting Lynda Carter made her fangirl and get weak in the knees and her English became broken. She didn't know too much about Wonder Woman before taking on the role, it was a household name and her values were known, but she didn't know a lot about the backstory before being cast. She talked about how the training was intense and filming Wonder Woman and Justice League back to back was a lot to do. She found out she was pregnant towards the end of JL filming which made it even more difficult. Sometime around now Ray showed up on stage. After Ray got on stage Millie B Brown snuck in the crowd to ask a question. She asked, besides Stranger Things, what were their favorite shows. Gal said The Simpsons and Ray said he was geeking out on Game of Thrones, but he obviously loved Stranger Things. Ray was asked what he knew about Cyborg before being cast. He grew up watching Batman the Animated Series and Justice League. His first encounter with Cyborg was with Teen Titans on CN, he watched the show during high school (this got a round of applause). Once cast he got into the comics and he feels really connected to Cyborg. Gal said it was about time there was finally a Wonder Woman movie and she was grateful to portray her. She cant wait to share the movie with fans. Ray talked about having never worked on green screens or anything even close to this big. He came from theater. He said that it was intimidating but he felt very welcomed when on set, said everyone felt like close friends on set. Ray's take on the character Victor Stone was all about #BorgLife. Being in a negative situation and and making the most out of it and seeing things in a positive way.

Gal Gadot is next set to appear as Wonder Woman in her solo film which debuts June 2, 2017. Both Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, will be seen together in Zack Snyder's Justice League movie, out November 17, 2017. The solo Cyborg movie is slated for a 2020 release.

Ray Fisher Instagram image:

Fan images with Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher at the RICC:

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