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Quasar Marvel Legends Packing Revealed & Another Look From Comic-Con

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 07/26/2016 - 02:56

Check out a new look below at the Marvel Legends 3.75-inch Quasar action figure, and the stellar packing has also been made available.

Some online retailers are already selling the Quasar figure, but at a pretty high price (cheapest I found was around $14). I'm betting once they are in Target and Walmart at the end of the month/August the price will drop.

Comic-Con saw Hasbro announce a slew of new figures to the line including a special Collector's Vault set with Cosmo, Moonboy, Howard the Duck, Lockjaw and more, and the following:

• X-23 Wolverine
• Marvel’s All-New Iron Man
• Moon Knight
• Spider-UK
• Lady Deadpool
• Maestro
• Groot
• Rocket Raccoon
• Star Lord
• Gamora
• Rogue
• Morbius
• Hydro-Man
• Black Panther (Movie)
• Sharon Carter (Movie)
• Captain America
• Marvel Now Iron Man

Via toyark:

Quasar packaging: