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PS4 Kicks Off Tonight! Poor Reviews & Broken Consoles?!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/14/2013 - 20:51


Tonight is the big night as Sony is set to release the PS4 at various retail outlets at midnight (Target at 8am tomorrow).

However, reports of faulty consoles and poor reviews have been hitting the net.

Before IGN actually admitted their own console was broken, they stated their review was being delayed in order to get it right. Only when reports started hitting Reddit did IGN finally come out and state their review version was broken as well. Lucky for IGN they walked to Sony and picked up a new one just in time, but those who received early PS4s from the Taco Bell promo that aren't working will have to wait.

GameSpot also reports that Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, is a tad bit disappointed by the reviews that have come out. 

"It's disappointing, but I don't think it's worrisome for the launch of the system," Yoshida is quoted as saying.  "I've played through all of our games, Killzone, Knack and Resogun, and I totally enjoyed playing through these games," Yoshida continued. "I'm now on my second run of Knack and Resogun at a higher difficulty--these games really grow on you when you play more. I'm very confident that once you purchase these games and play, you'll be happy that you've done so."

In addition to the negative reviews and faulty consoles for PS4 there is also talk of the games being delayed, which is one reason our resident gamer, Lawrence Napoli, cancelled his PS4 pre-order and went with an XBox One, which comes out November 22nd.

It's still a little too early to tell if there will be issues with the XBox One on launch date, but fans seem to think it's a given.

PS4s are under warranty for 12 months, so if you run into problems it will eventually get fixed. Hopefully tonight we don't find out that it's a major bug affecting a majority of the consoles. Reportedly, updating PS4 causes the bug as well as reports of faulty video outputs.

If you have heard any war stories out there, feel free to drop us a comment below.

Which will you be getting? PS4 or XBox One? Both?