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Prequel Superman Krypton TV Series Rumored

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 10/27/2014 - 16:11

If you watched Man of Steel, you know the film featured a 20-minute opening set on Krypton.

Well, David S. Goyer wrote the script, and now it seems he is bringing Krypton back to life as it is being stated Goyer is working on a Krypton TV series (which would not be related to the movies is our guess).

The info is coming from Bleeding Cool, who got the scoop on the Supergirl TV series, as well.

They don't have any other details regarding the Krypton series, just speculation that it would obviously be a prequel series to baby Kal-El leaving and Krypton exploding -- possibly in the same vein as Gotham.

The series sounds like it has a lot of potential as it would be set on an alien world, dealing with their alien technologies and so forth. Brainiac could come into play as well as Zod, the House of El, Supergirl's family, Kandor, etc.