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Post-Flashpoint: New Superman info - Grant Morrison, no marriage, involved with Wonder Woman

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 05/31/2011 - 20:18

picGreat Scott!

Bleeding Cool has some reported news on the new Superman that is going to be launched.

Apparently, Supes doesn't need one more day (couldn't resist that one!), he just needs about three months to ditch Lois.

As we reported on earlier, DC is rebootin' their Universe with all new first issues come September -- and also giving their heroes a younger look.

BC is stating as a result of the Flashpoint and DCU's mixing, for Superman, this means no marriage to Lois Lane - and a possible romantic involvment with Wonder Woman.

They also state that George Perez will be involved with the new Superman #1, and that Rags Morales may be involved with the new Action Comics #1 (we just had #900 - yeah, it's better to forget that one!)

Perez on Superman sounds great to me!

Update: CBR reports Grant Morrison will be doing a new title starring Superman.