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Post-Flashpoint: New 'Green' Lantern Corps #1 info with Tyler Kirkham

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 05/31/2011 - 19:51

picI just posted the info about DC Comics renumbering all their comics, with a huge announcement about Jim Lee and Geoff Johns on the new Justice League #1.

Well, our buddies at Bleeding Cool have been filling us in on just what those new titles might be.

They state a new Lantern team book is in the works that consists of one member from each of the different colored spectrums.

As BC states, does that include a Black Lantern?

Furthermore, what about the White Lantern?

Further furthermore, so was Brightest Day just a big waste then?

Back to the new GL team book, BC states that Tyler Kirkham will be involved -- the current penciller on Green Lantern Corps.

Safe to assume this will be the new Green Lantern Corps minus the "Green?"

Maybe, we'll have both - which I would be fine with.

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