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Possible Marvel Comics Civil War 2 Spoilers Leak Online Revealing Deaths

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 01/12/2016 - 12:01

Marvel Comics is launching a sequel to their Civil War event this year, with new details recently released revealing a Marvel character will die.

Now potential spoilers for Civil War 2 have hit the net.

A user on the neogaf forums is claiming they have read the script to the first issue:

You guys have absolutely no reason to believe me, but I've read the script for the first issue of this. Here's what happens (hint, it's pretty bad)!

The guy who can see everything in the future? He's an Inhuman named Homer. I shit you not. No code name, no Inhuman moniker, just Homer.

Homer helps the heroes beat some big bad and Captain Marvel takes the opportunity to start using Homer to solve future crimes.

OFF PANEL, both War Machine and She Hulk die fighting Thanos as Carol learned he was landing on Earth to try to get the Cosmic Cube again thanks to Homer.

Tony swears revenge on Carol for getting Rhodey killed, while Jennifer lies dying on a table, her last words urging Danvers to keep using Homer to look into the future, even though she's, you know, dying.

Again, no reason to believe me but there you have it. Wait and see.

(via bleeding cool)