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Patrick Stewart May Be Back For More X-Men Movies

Patrick Stewart May Be Back For More X-Men Movies

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Thu, 02/16/2017 - 11:48
Patrick Stewart May Be Back For More X-Men Movies

The upcoming Logan movie will mark the last time we see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, with it also previously thought it was the last hurrah for Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier.

However, that not be the case.

While speaking with ET Online, Patrick Stewart remarked that Hugh Jackman was okay with Logan being his last film, but Stewart said he's not ready to part ways with the Xavier role.

“Hugh has raised the flag that says goodbye. I haven’t done that yet,” Stewart said.

Patrick Stewart continued by praising Jackman.

"His charm and modesty and likeability has never changed,” Stewart said. “What has changed is the actor. His work throughout the franchise is compelling and powerful and witty and very entertaining, and I believe what he does in Logan is quite extraordinary. The aging, the sadness, the weariness, the borderline despair he exhibits coupled with that edge that has always been there is quite remarkable."

Regarding seeing more from Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier, FOX is starting to film a new X-Men movie soon with X-Men: Supernova, but that seems to be using the new cast from X-Men: Apocalypse and most likely James McAvoy. Fox is developing an X-Men TV series, which maybe Patrick Stewart could appear in, or even Legion as David Haller is the son of Xavier. Another possibility could always be some sort of time travel story similar to X-Men: Days of Future Past.