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Official Blurb From Marvel On New Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy Comic

Posted By: Staff
Sun, 10/14/2012 - 02:21

Marvel sent out the cover to the new Guardians of the Galaxy with the following info:

When the Earth is threatened, you call the Avengers—but when entire universe is at stake, there’s only one team for the job… …they are the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Starlord! Groot! Rocket Raccoon! Drax! Gamora! Iron Man?! That’s right folks, the Armored Avenger is joining the Universe’s Mightiest Heroes to tackle the threats too big for the Avengers! But just what threat would require the help of Tony Stark? That’s the question Brian Michael Bendis, , and Steve McNiven plan to answer. What do you get when you combine the man who redefined the Avengers for an entire generation and one of the greatest comic book artists of our time? You get an all-new ongoing series featuring the team starring in Marvel Studios’ next major super hero franchise! With a new mission and a new lineup you’ll only see in comics, the Guardians of the Galaxy head in an exciting new direction with only one goal in mind—SAVE THE UNIVERSE.