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NYCC: Dan Slott & Mike Allred On Silver Surfer

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 10/12/2013 - 14:33


As expected, Dan Slott and Mike Allred have been announced on a new Silver Surfer ongoing, which is due to hit next March.

The announcement came at the NYCC Marvel Inhumanity Panel.

Here are the highlights:

This is exciting - the first comic book I ever read was the Galactus trilogy. This was the first comic hero I ever met. I've been dying to do this. - Dan Slott

Slott is talking about waiting for his chance to pitch a Silver Surfer book

Dan Slott is talking about how despite his work on Spider-Man, he was dying for a chance to write Silver Surfer!

When editor Tom Brevoort and Dan Slott were talking about Silver Surfer, they knew they wanted Mike Allred to draw it.

"I wasn't writing Silver Surfer anymore, I was writing Allred Surfer. And Mike got and said "did you write this for me?' And I said "YES!!!" - Dan Slott

"With all the images in my head, I wasn't writing Silver Surfer. I was writing Mike Allred's Silver Surfer. When Mike got the first plot, he was like, "Are you writing this for me?" and I was like "YES!!" - Dan Slott.
Slott teases a new character and a potential love interest, and the audience collectively "awwws".
Whenever you think about Silver Surfer, you see a lonely character. Now he's got a girl on board. A nice earth girl joins him on his journey." - Slott
"The fact that Silver Surfer now appears as part of a larger universe and isn't stranded. There's the Guardians of the Galaxy, there's Nova. I think now's a better time. We held off on doing a new one but the time is right now." - Axel Alonso