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NYCC 2012: Valiant Comics "Future Of Valiant" Panel Art

Posted By: Staff
Sat, 10/13/2012 - 13:33

Big things are underway for Valiant Comics, not only with the comic books side of things, but also with movies as we learned yesterday that JMS will be writing the Shadowman movie.

Yesterday saw Valiant hold their "Future Of Valiant" panel where the following details and art were revealed.

• HARBINGER #0 will be released in February; written by Joshua Dysart with interiors by Mico Suayan. This will spotlight the past of Toyo Harada from 1945 onward, and foreshadow plans for summer 2013.

• BLOODSHOT #7 will be a standalone, flashback issue detailing Bloodshot's past as a "Harbinger Hunter" in the Valiant Universe. Art will be by Matthew Clark. This issue will be the third installment of "The Rise and The Fall" arc that begins with issue #5 in November. The arc will also reveal a team called Chainsaw, who constitute Project Rising Spirit's early attempt at human/technology hybrids. The four member team was designed by artist Khari Evans.

• PLANET DEATH, announced earlier this week, begins with a two-part prelude in X-O Manowar #9 featuring art by Trevoir Hairsine. Cary Nord returns to the book to launch Planet Death proper in X-O Manowar #11.

• WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR, the new arc of Archer & Armstrong beginning in Decemeber, will introduce a new Geomancer named Kay McHenry in Archer & Armstrong #6. Geomancers were a key component of the original Valiant Universe and will too provide a crucial function once again in the new line.

• QUANTUM & WOODY is being re-released digitally at the end of the month of comiXology. The first 12 issues will go live on 10/24; the rest will follow on 10/31. And, best of all, issue #1 will be free.

• SHADOWMAN by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher continues to be an awesome comic. The first issue has now officially grown to 26 pages. It goes on sale on November 7th.

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