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NYCC 2012: Joe Quesada Say Guardians of the Galaxy Movie & New Comic Will Be On The Same Page

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 10/13/2012 - 12:35


At the New York Comic-Con, Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada says that not only will plans for the Marvel Cosmic side of things be announced, but that the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and comic will be on the same page.

Marvel Comics has yet to officially announce a new Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's all but a given as Brian Michael Bendis is the strong favorite to pen the new book with Steve McKiven as the artist. Both are the creators in the upcoming Marvel Point One as well, that seemingly features a new Star-Lord.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3509:]]"The other thing that I do, that I feel really instrumental in is making sure that all branches of Marvel, creative branches, know what's going on in other branches," Joe Quesada tells Newsarama about what his job ensues. "So there is a lot of synergy that we are trying to make happen. We talked about this cosmic stuff that we are going to talk about tomorrow. You guys know that we announced a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. So there is stuff that I know that is going on with the movie that we might be able to apply to the Marvel Cosmic Universe and try to develop that kind of synergy, not to copy one from the other, just so that we are totally on the same page."

"We are having a lot of interesting stuff in Cosmic right now in the Marvel Universe," Quesada continues. "We have been having a lot of great discussion creatively about what we want to do about some of those characters and storylines, and some of that stuff I then go out to the West Coast and then we talk about what's happening in publishing because the beauty of the Marvel movies is that they take the best of the best, they sort of cherry pick things from the Universe that particularly make those movies work. So obviously they will be taking some of the stuff we are doing in publishing and applying it to the movies as well."

Joe Quesada also brings up a rather interesting point in that they use the comic book side of things to sort of test if it will work with the movies.

"If our fans don't accept it, then the movie is going to be a failure," Quesada said.

Joe continues with mention that the movies have to get it right the first time or they will lose millions, while the comics will only lose thousands and get redo a month later.

"If you put out a comic that fails, you are out thousands of dollars. If you put out a movie that fails, you are out millions of dollars. So the pressure to get it right is that much more intense. It weights heavily on everybody, because you got that one shot and you don't want to blow it. It's not like you can come out with a movie every month, but with a comic book you can. If you blow it, okay, we'll fix it next month. With the movie, you blow it, you may destroy a franchise completely."

Joe also says that his current favorite project is one that he cannot talk about, but more will be coming in the next couple months. He does offer a hint in that it's a project that the has to go out to the West Coast about and that there has been some leaks and mention about.