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NYCC 2011: Details On Marvel's Point One, Nova and Denarian Rank

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 10/17/2011 - 21:18

picThis weekend saw some possible news hit the net in regards to Marvel's Point One, which features the return of Nova.

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the NYCC, posted "seven stabs" at what we just might see in the book that is being dubbed the "Rosetta Stone" of 2012.

One of which was, "Nova Vs Terrax. And the return of something that’s been teased in a very different comic indeed," with apparently, the Watcher being used to give a sneak peak into the future of the Marvel U.

Regarding Nova, Cosmic Book News learned exclusively from Joe Quesada, that more from Nova would come in April 2011.

I also spoke with Arune Singh, Marvel's Director of Communications, after the Spider-Man Panel (where I was called up on stage to read Avenging Spider-Man #1!) and inquired as to why the Nova in the Point One teaser featured a Denarian Rank. He said, "Everything has a reason," and would say no more.

So my best guess is that Cosmic fans will get a tease of something in the upcoming Point One, which hits this November, and then in April 2012 sees the full return of Nova.

With the Point One version of Nova having a Denarian Rank - if it is Richard Rider - would mean some sort of power loss or demotion as Rich is Nova Prime. However, as the Avengers #5 timeline teaser showed a possible future with "Nova Antiquus," this could mean a younger Richard Rider plucked from a past timestream and thrown head first into the future Marvel U. This way, Marvel wouldn't step on DnA's critically acclaimed top seller The Thanos Imperative, and would get the Spider-Man in space/earth that they seem to be going for. In addition, the Nova in the teaser does seem a more younger version/style of character.

Guess, we'll find out more come November when Point One hits.