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Now Matt Ryan Says Constantine Is Not Cancelled

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:44



That may be the case as after a report stated NBC had confirmed the cancellation of Constantine, showrunner Daniel Cerone (and William Shatner!) came out on Twitter stating that wasn't the case.

Now series star, Matt Ryan, has joined them as Ryan also posted on Twitter, "Constantine is not cancelled. Keep the faith everyone."

Constantine's future has been up in the air ever since NBC didn't order a full season. In addition, NBC executives made negative remarks about the show's live ratings, but did offer that when DVR and online viewings are factored in, Constantine does well; however, the execs stressed the live ratings were the more important.

There was also the rumor that Constantine would move over to NBC's sister network, the SyFy channel (NBC Universal owns both) and be renamed Hellblazer; however, that has since been shot down.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone did previously state he would be pitching Season 2 of Constantine this month to NBC, with it probable we would find out whether or not it gets greenlit, at the latest, by next month.

Angélica Celaya also mentioned in a previous interview that the episodes from Season 1 that didn't get a chance to air would be moved to Season 2, and Celaya seemed to think Constantine Season 2 was happening.

Of all the current comic book TV shows, I have to say Constantine was right up there as one of my favorites, and also one I considered a "must watch." It's a good show, hopefully NBC greenlights Season 2.