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Now David Goyer Says Don't Listen To The Fans

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 03/19/2014 - 16:10


The creators behind the Man of Steel movie don't seem too happy with the fans these days.

Director Zack Snyder previously made comments directed at the fans in that they don't know the source material and he does.

Now writer David S. Goyer makes similar comments in that movie studios make the mistake of listening to fans.

Goyer tells CBR the following when it's mentioned not to put too much stock into what the fans say:

Or internet chatter, because you’re dealing with an incredibly vocal but incredibly tiny sort of [group]. That’s a mistake that I think a lot of sometimes networks and movie studios make is sort of listening too much to [them]. I mean, it’s important to listen to the fan chatter but you’re really talking about a tiny, tiny, tiny portion of your audience that may not be representative of what your mainstream audience actually thinks or feels.

Goyer continues by saying that he thinks if they gave the audience what they wanted, the audience wouldn't be happy.

I mean, I don’t read everything that’s out there. I wouldn’t have the time. But we’re aware of some of it, yeah, and it would be silly not to be. I think it’s helpful, but at the same time, it’s also, and I’m paraphrasing Steve Jobs, it’s like you don’t give the audience or the consumer what they want, you give them what they don’t even know they want. I mean, being involved in some of these comic book movies and stuff like that, people say, well, this is what they should do. And trust me, if we had just done exactly that I don’t think the audiences would have been completely happy. I mean that’s not to say that filmmakers can’t misfire, but if you try to just do what you think the fan community wants you’ll drive yourself crazy and you won’t actually write anything. So it’s good to have that tension, but I think also some creators pay attention to it too much.

Goyer and Snyder were behind the controversial ending to Man of Steel which saw Superman kill Zod, though Superman doesn't kill in the comic books. Pa Kent was also killed at the hands of a tornado as Superman just watched.

Recently it has become known that Chris Terrio is rewriting the Batman Vs. Superman script with Goyer now serving as executive producer.

On the flip side, Marvel Studios ticked off a lot of fans regarding the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3; however, that seems to be fixed with the release of the recent short film, "Hail To The King."