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Nova playable character in new Marvel MMO Video Game

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 04/29/2011 - 17:48

picThe Big Two did promise us some big things are underway for Richard Rider, Nova - and now we learn that Nova will be a playable character in the new Marvel MMO written by Brian Michael Bendis.

On Thursday, Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment announced a new Marvel MMO (massive multi-player online) video game is in the works - and that it would be free -- AND you can play as the Marvel characters (DCU's lets you only create new characters)!

Announced as playable characters including Nova are: Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and even Squirrel Girl.

Regarding the amount of characters and which ones will be playable, TQ Jefferson, VP of Games Production at Marvel stated, “The Marvel Universe MMO is going to launch with more characters than any Marvel game to date. It’s not just going to be the top ten or twelve characters, it’s going to be a monster list of characters."

Bendis revealed that the gameplay will consist of Marvel events from the 60s to present day.

“It reminds me of what Stan Lee did in the 60’s by making the audience part of Marvel," said Bendis.

The game has been under development for the past year or so and will be available on the PC and gaming consoles.

The release date hasn't been announced yet and details are scarce, but the game is said to be more adult oriented and one hard core fans should be pleased with.

I did say it was free, right? Cool!

Source: CBR