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No More San Diego Comic-Con 4 Day Badges To Be Sold; All Single Day

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/10/2014 - 09:57


The San Diego Comic-Con has announced that this year no more four day badges will be sold - only single day.

They have updated their site with the following info:

New for 2014! Only single day badges will be sold. The Preview Night badge option may only be purchased if you buy a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge. Preview Night is not a stand alone badge option. As in 2013, anyone who purchases a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge will have the option of consolidating them into one 4-Day badge onsite.

The new process sees a slight bump in cost ($25 more four four day and preview night):

BADGE TYPEAdultJunior**U.S. Military /
Preview Night$35.00$16.00$16.00

I'm not sure how this will effect sales for each single day overall or if it will be just the same as if you purchased a four-day pass. 

For instance, assuming Saturday sells out quicker and you wanted all four days: what happens then? Will people still want to go the other days if they can't go Saturday?

I suppose if you just wanted to go on Saturday (or any other single day), now more will be available?

Sounds like another nightmare trying to register for this. Just think if your first options aren't available then what? You have to choose all over again? Or will it just give you the option to purchase the days that are available?

Should be fun.

Update: One positive for the new ticket sales could be if the SDCC publishes its schedule early enough, then people that are trying to get into just one panel wouldn't have to buy all four days (worrying which day their favorite would appear on). This could free up more tickets for the other days.

Update #2: SDCC released an official explanation.