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NINO Nova & New Warriors Officially Out Of Top 100

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 05/12/2014 - 22:12


Let's give everyone at Marvel Comics a big round of applause for their great job with Marvel "Cosmic" and NINO Nova. We'll also throw in New Warriors as well - because that's out of the top 100, too, as of April 2014.

So credit goes to Axel Alonso, Tom Brevoort, Jeph Loeb, Stephen Wacker, Joe Quesada and Dan Buckley for rebooting a title that is now - and has been for a while - selling less than its predecessor.

We'll also add Tom Brevoort's recent remarks that Guardians of the Galaxy is just selling because of interest with the movie - and not because of "Brian Michael Bendis." Gee, Tom, nice of you to show so much support for people that work for you.

So congrats, guys. That's a job well done.

April sales list NINO at #112 with 22,020 units sold.

New Warriors doesn't fare much better coming in at 101 - with issue #3 - and 23, 105.

The Captain Marvel relaunch with #2 is already under 30K with 28,008 as well.

Sure, Brevoort likes to state that we don't know the official sales numbers, but what we do know is their ranking as Diamond does officially release that information. And as I've told Tom probably a half dozen times now, the numbers never lie when it comes to cancellation time.

For a comparison, DnA's last issue on Nova was #36 back in April of 2010 which actually sold more than April's issue 16 of NINO and was higher up on the sales charts (#86).

If you are not happy with the new direction of Marvel "Cosmic" like many of us, let your voice be known in our Forums and also sign the Bring Back Richard Rider petition.

(numbers via Comic Cron)