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NINO Nova Loses Over 5000 For Second Infinity Tie-In

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 11/12/2013 - 12:29


What may be a surprise to some, but not to the faithful Richard Rider fans, the latest Marvel Cosmic event, Infinity, didn't help the new Jeph Loeb "NINO" Nova with issue #9.

Last month saw a boost for the Infinity Nova #8 tie-in with the issue getting 37, 767 in sales.

Now the numbers for NINO Nova #9 are available - the second Infinity issue for the series - and we see the numbers have dropped substantially for a big event tie-in with 32,323.

That's a loss of over 5000 issues, which might be normal for a book going back to its regular storyline, but this was Part 2 of a Thanos Infinity event tie-in.

For comparison, Abnett and Lanning's Nova #9 back in December of 2007 had 30,451 with no main event tie-in.


It makes you wonder how low NINO Nova might have been without Infinity.

Previous to Infinity, NINO Nova was consistently selling less than Abnett and Lanning's Richard Rider run.

"NINO," meaning "Nova In Name Only," as Marvel Comics fans have come to call the character, is an approach that can be looked at as the direct opposite of the character it replaced. While Richard Rider was brought to the forefront of the Marvel Universe during Annihilation, becoming a leader on par with Captain America, NINO is consistently described as an "idiot" by the Marvel creators.

Fans in turn have taken to to start a petition to bring back Richard Rider as Nova.

(numbers via ComiChron)

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