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New Red Dawn Remake Images of Thor's Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 08/01/2012 - 19:37

Back in 2009 a Red Dawn remake was made, but due to funding issues the movie never came to light.

However, with the success the actors in the movie have had in recent years, namely The Avengers and Thor star Chris HemsworthThe Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson, and G.I. Joe's Adrianne Palicki, the movie is now coming out on November 21st.

While the original - a classic - had the Cubans and the Russians as the enemy, the new Red Dawn remake has the North Koreans.

The plan was to have the Chinese play the enemy, but that didn't go over too well as China owns all our movie theaters, so everything was changed digitally at a cost of around $1 million.

So instead of a 200 million man army being the threat, the Red Dawn remake will feature a country about the size of Nebraska.

I guess the Russians and Chinese do have some "influence" in the movie with the North Koreans — but really? The North Koreans?

The movie also stars Nickelodeon's Josh Peck and The Watchmen's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who recently commented on the North Korean switcheroo as well.

Here are some new images (via USA Today):