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New PlanetSide 2 MMO Trailer Reveals Upgraded Accelerated Graphics & Effects

Posted By: Staff
Sat, 03/23/2013 - 21:56

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6296:]]PlanetSide 2, the massive multi-player online (MMO) video game for the PC, has received an upgrade to its graphics with the addition of PhysX particles.

The first-person-shooter sees users battle it out on a planetary scale, and now with the addition of PhysX their explosions and gun shots will be more realistic as well as epic.

The creators behind PlanetSide 2, Nvidia, have put together the following trailer showing off the PhysX graphics.

Check out the Planetside 2 PhysX particles trailer below as well as some additional information.

Press Release


PlanetSide®2 PhysX Trailer


PlanetSide was a revelation when unleashed upon PCs a decade ago. Never before had there been a persistent world filled with thousands of players, each fighting in realtime in a first-person perspective, on foot, in the air, and in deadly armored columns. Its gameplay was engrossing, and its technical prowess unmatched. Its scale and scope unparalleled, and its formula never bettered. Until the release of its own free-to-play sequel that is.

Launched November 2012, PlanetSide®2 is the original PlanetSide brought up to modern-day standards. There are now 2,000 players per area, the action is more dynamic and exciting, and the graphics rank amongst the best seen on the PC, which is astounding when you consider the number of players, the massive draw distances, and the amount of action that can occur simultaneously in one hotly-contested spot.

Today, we're proud to announce that Sony Online Entertainment's battlegrounds have been upgraded and enhanced with the addition of hardware-accelerated PhysX effects that increase the realism and fidelity of several game elements, adding to the spectacle and drawing you deeper into the action. Particle PhysX effects provide a more immersive experience for the game by adding particles that collide with the environment and litter the environment during battles. And APEX Turbulence is an NVIDIA only feature which uses velocity fields to simulate particle motion. For a first-look, check out our PhysX trailer and play PlanetSide®2 now for free at