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New Luke Skywalker Spoiler Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 10/02/2014 - 15:28

Ready for the latest Star Wars: Episode VII rumor?

Potential spoilers follow if true.

It's now being stated that the previously released concept art of the potential bad guy for Star Wars: Episode VII is Luke Skywalker.

The concept art below shows what looks to be a person made up of cybernetic parts. is stating that is Luke Skywalker.

It's also being said that the character of Kira who was searching for Luke Skywalker, upon realization that her quest is a hopeless one, joins the cyberntically-altered Luke Skywalker.

From that, I suppose we are to take that they are both a part of the Dark Side (again, if true).

Obviously, this is a play on what happened in Empire Strikes Back with Luke learning Darth Vader is his father, but not joining them. This time, however, the Kira character does join the Dark Side and whatever Luke has become.