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New DC 52: First Batch Of 13 Reviewed

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 16:31

Check out 13 reviews for the new DCU 52!

10/13 have been positive!

My top two: Action Comics and Batgirl.

Must buy: Stormwatch

Sleeper hits: O.M.A.C. 

Worst of the bunch: Green Arrow and Justice League International

Stay tuned next week as CBN reviews 13 more!


REVIEWS: click title for full review

A new cosmic player has entered the DC Universe - with Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda's Stormwatch #1! And cosmic fans will love it!
With change there will inevitably be some disappointment. And it's a sure bet you will be disappointed with this book!
Trust me on this one and pick up Animal Man #1, you are not going to read anything remotely similar from the New 52 this week.
Tony Daniel's first solo Batman tale in the DCnU has utterly blown me away! Pick this up and become a fan all over again!
If your local comic shop didn't open at midnight, I recommend that you get up early and be first in line to grab a copy!
Sgt. Rock is back! But there wasn't enough live ammo in the magazine to keep me interested all the way through the tale!
As with my other reviews, I have stated that I am giving the New 52 a go. Can they keep me? Winick and Oliver have.
This just comes across as a big yawn fest. Not particularly entertaining; just doesn't hook you in.
The sleeper hit of the New 52! You can't help but fall in love with Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen's O.M.A.C. #1.
Editor Matt McGloin was more than happy with this one, as both story and art far surpassed his expectations. Fun read!
This issue, just fell flat to me. It seemed devoid of plot, character - and even the art seemed rather dull.
Snyder and Paquette provide an opening full of mystery and intrigue; my interest was piqued.
As far as this super fan is concerned, DC has done right with Superman. There is a new Boss in Metropolis!