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New Ant-Man Concept Art Inside Iron Man

Posted By:Staff
Tue, 11/08/2016 - 20:36

Check out a cool new piece of Captain America: Civil War movie concept art featuring Ant-Man inside of Iron Man.

A Senior Illustrator at Marvel Studios, Jackson Sze, posted on Instagram that "Ant-Man is about to wreck Iron Man from the inside out."

Watch the Ant-Man vs. Iron Man scene fold out below.

Ant-Man and Iron Man look to be both featured in The Avengers: Infinity War out May 2018, which will be followed by the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie July of 2018.

Ant-Man debuted in the solo movie of the same name last year making over $500 million worldwide; this past May's Captain America: Civil War brought in over $1.1 billion.