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Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman: Overture" Announced With J.H. Williams III Cover Reveal

Posted By: Staff
Mon, 07/01/2013 - 16:05

DC Comics announced the new Vertigo prequel series from Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III with The Sandman: Overture.

J.H. Williams III also revealed the cover for the series as well.

The Sandman: Overture is a mini-series that debuts this October that will also see the launch of five other Vertigo titles: Hinterkind by Ian Edginton; The Discipline written by Peter Milligan; The Dead Boy Detectives, and two as-of-yet unannounced titles.

"The most peculiar thing for me about returning to Sandman is how familiar it all feels,” Gaiman told the NY Times. “When I was writing Sandman from 1987 to 1996, I never had the feeling at any point that approximately 50 million people were looking over my shoulder scrutinizing ever word.” 

“They are the most beautiful pages I have ever seen in periodical comics,” Gaiman said in regards to the art of J.H. Williams III. “I ask him to do the impossible, and he gives me back more than I asked for."