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Morena Baccarin on ABC "V" Season Finale

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 03/08/2011 - 14:20


I do hope you jumped onboard for the second season of ABC's sci-fi alien invasion "V."

It was really good and much improved over the first.

Morena Baccarin, who plays the "V" Queen commander Anna, spoke with about the show's season finale.

This week sees the second last episode with Baccarin having a lot to say.

Baccarin starts off by explaining that the Visitors are after human DnA to further progress their own. They fled their home planet and found Earth to be most suitable.

Slowly, the Visitors have been giving Earth new technologies, each seemingly a miracle in their own right. However, alterior motives are in place as the actual technology behind is to further the goal of continuing the Vistors species - at the cost of the humans.

"The shape of Concordia [designed as a docking platform for Visitor ships] is a big clue. There are like 529 Concordia cities being built, and there are [hundreds of] ships looming over Earth, but it’s beyond human technology to see them. We are not coming; we are here," said Baccarin.

Anna's mother, Diana, played by the 1980's original, Jane Badler, is imprisoned in the bellows of the V mothership - as she is at odds with her daughter. The V''s have been experiencing human emotion with Diana embracing the foreign feelings, while Anna tries to bury and hide them.

"She was a queen, so for sure she wants to be queen again and rule them all. She also has this 'emotion' thing that she thinks is a good tool to have. She would definitely overthrow me, so she’s not getting out of the dungeon as far as I’m concerned," stated Baccarin.

Anna's daughter, Lisa, played by Laura Vandervoot (Smallville's Supergirl), also comes into play - as Anna is trying to mold the future Queen in her image - and mate her with the perfect human specimen that the Visitors experimented on. Lisa finds Diana and allies herself with her grandmother, as they both feel emotion. As Anna commands Lisa to do things that will lead Lisa to be more like her mother -and less "human"- this puts them at odds.

"Never underestimate what Anna can do, but Lisa seems to be pretty far in the Fifth Column direction," said Baccarin.

(The fifth column is the human resistance with returning 1980s star, Marc Singer, set to make an appearance - I believe in the last episdoe?)

Baccarin goes on to talk about her portrayal of a character with little emotion and also about the show's finale - as three members are set to expire - permanently.

"It’s crazy. Totally nuts. And it’s really heartbreaking. I cried when I saw it," said Baccarin.

It remains to be scene whether or not ABC will be returning "V" next year. I, for one, do hope they don't give up on it.

"V" airs on ABC Tuesdays (tonight!) at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.

Head on over here for a preview and image still from tonight's episode "Devil In A New Dress."