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More Good News: Marvel Not Keeping NINO Around As Long As Richard Rider

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 03/21/2015 - 00:03


We get further good news from Marvel Comics in regards to NINO and Richard Rider Nova.

We all know Axel Alonso, Jeph Loeb and the execs at Marvel made the decision to kill off Richard Rider Nova and fire the creative team that inspired a near billion dollar movie (Marvel Comics must be such a nice place to work at).

Marvel replaced Richard Rider Nova with NINO - "Nova In Name Only."

As the Annihilation Richard Rider Nova series was a success (sales were not the reason for cancellation), it was no surprise that true Nova fans didn't except NINO.

Jeph Loeb was quickly announced off of NINO with the publication of issue #2, which was due to low sales and not being able to justify Loeb's paygrade.

And since issue 3 or so, NINO has been selling less than Richard Rider Nova.

As a matter of fact, NINO took a major dive when Gerry Duggan came on board - and get this - Duggan's Hulk is also selling less than the Richard Rider Nova. Hulk who is an Avenger and is in billion dollar Avengers movies sells less than a character that didn't appear in Guardians of the Galaxy - yet had the best selling action figure of the line! (we can only surmise Duggan's paygrade)

Honestly, I can't help but laugh-out-loud at Marvel Comics' decisions these days. It's ironic that under Joe Quesada, Marvel Cosmic prospered, while under former Deadpool editor (it shows) Axel Alonso, Marvel has become a parody of itself.

Regarding the good news, Marvel Comics recently announced that NINO is getting cancelled - but they also announced another new Nova - a young female NINO-ette (lol). 

Now the latest is from a preview for NINO #28 where Duggan, who has been harassing Richard Rider fans on message boards, attempts to take a swipe at Richard Rider. Obviously Duggan - who can't even keep Hulk sales up above a cancelled character - doesn't write the issue particularly well as he leaves it open for NINO to take the brunt of the backlash, and it backfires.

NINO says he doesn't want to end up like Richard Rider.

That's good news to me, because that means NINO isn't going to be around for 40 years or have  successful comic line or action figure line.

Adios, NINO.

And take Duggan with ya.

Bring Back Richard Rider as Nova and don't support the replacements.