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More Barry Allen The Flash Coming On Arrow

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 01/08/2014 - 11:22


We haven't heard the last of Barry Allen on Arrow after witnessing the accident that creates The Flash!

Grant Gustin appeared on episodes 8 and 9 of Arrow where we saw  - perhaps - a budding relationship with Felicity.

Now TV Guide reports that when Arrow returns, Felicity will be heading to Central City to check up on Barry after his accident, and according to the report, Oliver Queen is none too happy.

Yes, and Oliver won't be too happy about the repercussions of Barry's accident, since they will draw Felicity out of Starling City when he needs her the most. Olicity fans, brace yourself for a devastating lovers' quarrel. (Fine, I know they're not lovers, but a girl can dream.)

Originally, Grant Gustin was set to return in episode 20 of Arrow before getting his own pilot. I'm not sure if another Arrow appearance is still on the table, but Gustin will begin filming The Flash TV series soon for hopefully a Fall launch.

The good news is that we see it appears there will still be an interconnected universe between Arrow and The Flash.

Check out Barry Allen's transformation to The Flash:

Arrow returns January 15 at 8pm ET.