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MNC Webfest: Help Teen Sci-Fi Webseries "Third Base" Win A Contest

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 11/25/2011 - 14:06

sci-fiWhile you are recovering from your turkey hangovers and spending all your hard earned cash, why not take the time to help out a bunch of teenagers who have put together the sci-fi web series, "Third Base."

The gang has entered into a contest where they can win a hundred grand, which would enable them to launch "Third Base" into seven full episodes.

You can head over to Facebook to check out the video and vote "Love It."

It's rather nicely done if I do say so.

Here's some info on "Third Base":

17-year-old Riley (Alexander Fechine) is forced to tag along with his father and relocate to Third Base - a remote scientific research station on Mars. Living in close, climate-controlled quarters with 30 scientists, engineers and their families is hardly how Riley envisioned spending his teen years - and he is determined to cause enough trouble to get sent home.
Caught taking drugs with the base doctor's daughter Misha (Kaitlin Harasta), Riley finds himself locked under curfew - along with all the other under-18s. But when an explosive decompression threatens their lives, Riley’s forced to take charge and makes the shocking discovery - every adult at Third Base is dead.
With three months before the next shuttle can arrive from Earth, Riley and the others are forced to fend for themselves. 
No parents. No rules. No oxygen. Welcome to Mars.
Production team:
Ric Forster (writer/director) - Ric has written and directed both documentary and drama productions for TV, web and DVD. Recent work includes TV series 'Neighbours' (Eleven), 'Hollyoaks' (Seven Two) and 'Save Point' (ONE HD). He also wrote, directed and produced 20 episodes of teen web drama 'LOL'.
Zoltan Deak (producer) - Zoltan has worked on a multitude of TV commercials, low-budget features, short films and music videos. He has produced TV commercials, short films, multiplatform content for the feature film Cedar Boys and most recently, the how-to webseries 'Ray the Butcher'.