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Milligan bringing his rage to Stormwatch

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 02/01/2012 - 13:37


After thinking writer Paul Jenkins may be taking the place of departing scribe Paul Cornell after today’s issue of Stormwatch, our friends at DC The Source bring word that Peter Milligan of Justice League Dark fame will be leaving that New 52 property to write our favorite sci-fi covert team book.

In an interview on Newsarama some time ago, Jenkins expressed wishes that his short-term two-issue stay on Stormwatch #s 7 and 8 would be the beginning of a long creative stint on the former WildStorm book, but such is apparently not to be as Milligan brings some of his cosmic craziness from Red Lanterns to the Eye.

Why Stormwatch?

“I really like the set-up,” Milligan said. “I like the way these guys are somewhat like superheroes but are in fact nothing of the sort. They’d get very offended if you called them superheroes. And I like that because there are none of the really big hitters in the book (Batman or Superman or whoever) we’ll hopefully have a bit more license to push things around a bit. Also there was a lot hinted at so far but it seemed there was still plenty of room for me to come in and spread my own scent around a bit, make it my own.

“One of the things that makes this book interesting is its offbeat humor. And the fact that these characters don’t run around in super costumes but instead bear more of a likeness to ”˜real’ people -- that almost makes them weirder. Offbeat and weird is my home territory, I think.”

Although I have been down on Cornell for his departure after just six issues and one arc – some say it was editorial, the writer has blogged it was his decision – I am thankful as a reader of this New 52 book for all the creative story-threads he left and also to Milligan for his determination to pick up on many of them as well as do one thing Cornell said he was not inclined to do: bring in some villain from known DCU space and have a battle royale!

“My first story deals with an intruder on Earth from the planet Ysmault,” Milligan told Newsarama. “He’s red and he’s got a lot of rage -- and (was) also a former Stormwatch member!

“ -- Stormwatch operates in the DCUworld and I think that’s what makes it tick. Its whole conceit is that in this world of superheroes here is a team of non-superheroes who are secretly going about saving the world. And trying not to go insane. I love that.”

So my hopes for a great focus on all these characters (at least the ones left after the conclusion of #5) may be coming true -- especially the Martian Manhunter and Midnighter.

Good luck, Peter. I have not been kind about your Red Lanterns work, but I know you have the talent to keep this great book afloat through the coming “Wave”!