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Mike Allred Says Silver Surfer Is Going To Be "OUT OF THIS WORLD!"

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 10/16/2013 - 09:33

This March sees a new Silver Surfer ongoing from Dan Slott and Mike Allred.

The duo will also have a ten-page Surfer story featured in January's new Point One issue.

At last weekend's NYCC, Marvel made the announcement.

Artist Mike Allred offered the following on his blog about drawing the Silver Surfer:

The hardest thing about working on something you love so much is having to keep it a secret. But it's not just an incredible relief when a project is finally announced, it's a powerful thrill! So, today the SILVER SURFER series I'm doing with the equally jazzed Dan Slott was officially announced today at NYCC with great enthusiasm and the response has been wonderful. This project means too much to me to even attempt explaining here without writing an entire chapter to my life story (which would be of questionable interest). Suffice to say I'M OVER THE MOON! This is gonna be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Allred also released the following Silver Surfer #1 cover (colored):