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The Mighty Thor #8: Wait, 'who' Is Tanarus? (Spoilers)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 11/23/2011 - 14:30

the mighty thorI wasn't even going to bother with a write-up on this one as I dropped Matt Fraction's The Mighty Thor when things went south for the Surfer.


However, a CBN reader contacted Cosmic Book News as they were so upset with the issue.

While I did pick up the Fear Itself: Thor tie-in, which was terrible, I half as much didn't expect this.

Spoilers, ahoy.

As we saw in FI: Thor, when Thor's body was burned a new "Thor" rose from the ashes in the form of a meat eating, new hammer wielding Tanarus. In addition, everyone in the world forgot Thor and "remembered" that Tanarus was the true god of thunder. Everyone except Loki.

Turns out Tanarus is actually Ulik The Troll, and the Three Sisters with Geirrodur the Troll King are responsible.

On top of all that, a depowered Silver Surfer is offered a job to be a short order cook in a Broxton diner. Kid you not.

Update: The Surfer is not depowered, he just wears human skin. Thanks to Norvell in the comments below for that info.


The Marvel Facebook is already livid with comments.

"BRING BACK THE TRUE GOD OF THUNDER ! This whole character change sucks first you ruin my all time favorite character Juggernaut (Cain Marko ) now you ruin my second fav . I am tempted to start reading DC just for spite!"

"God marvel what are doing. Bring thor back soon /:"

"This title completely sucks, it is an embarrassment to Thor."

Also, the following from the CBN reader:

"Too much going on to focus on a single aspect of it."

"If they wanted this thing to be a cool mystery as to who and what Tanarus is, they should have made it last more than 12 pages!"

Fear not Thor fans, I'm sure the true god of thunder will return when The Avengers debuts, just as we saw with his own movie.


CBR's Hannibul Tabu shares his thoughts:

So much wrong here...
...but not as much wrong as there is in "The Mighty Thor" #8, which revealed a huge secret about thunder god Tanarus -- and it could be the stupidest thing out of the Mouse House of Ideas since "Fear Itself" #7.1. The sheer magnitude of how badly conceived this is boggles the mind, makes fools of powers so grandiose as to be measured on planetary scales and not even the effervescent charm of Young Loki can save it. Every time you see the word "Tanarus," it should make your brain try to escape out of your ear. He's an awful idea.