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Michael Penick's "Recovery Incorporated" On Sale through Graphicly April 11th; Preview

Posted By: Staff
Mon, 04/09/2012 - 20:32

Press Release

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1324:]]RECOVERY INCORPORATED: Another Day At The Office
Created and Written by Michael Penick and Dean Deckard
Pencilled, Inked, and Lettered by Michael Penick
Colors by Michael Penick and John Rauch
Kicked off the police force because she found it difficult to obey the rules, Mia Raven started her own business, RECOVERY INCORPORATED, to help victims track down and recover valuable stolen property. Keyword: valuable. Her services don’t come cheap, but her success rate is phenomenal and her wardrobe shows it. Slick on the surface, dangerously charming, recklessly courageous, and with a past she desperately wants to keep buried , Mia Raven brings to the page a new heroine in the fine tradition of Modesty Blaise, La Femme Nikita, and The Thomas Crown Affair
Michael Penick, artist on the America’s Army online comic and BOOM’s Insurrection V3.6, brings the new heroine to life with his long-time friend and writing partner, Dean Deckard. “I was asked to be a part of STRIP Magazine UK, so I sat down and thought, ”˜what would I really love to draw’, and instantly had the answer.”  And just like that, Mia Raven was born, a heroine imbued with a real sense of class and style. 
“It was kind of like a ”˜duh’ moment. Dean and I are huge fans of The Thomas Crown Affair - the version released in the 90’s with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. I’ve always thought Russo’s character in that film to be one of the more intriguing characters in modern cinema, so that was the initial inspiration. Once we had that as our starting point the rest was easy.” 
STRIP Magazine UK was originally going to be called ACTION Magazine, so Michael and Dean had to take their character and turn her into an action heroine. “I think that would have happened anyways; we sort of live and breath great action sequences. I hope we can bring a realistic sense of action to these stories in line with our favorite action films, like the Jason Bourne movies or Luc Besson’s original La Femme Nikita.” 
And, like La Femme Nikita, Mia has a troubled past. “She’s sexy and cool on the outside but a very complicated character within. We’re really proud of her.” 
While RECOVERY INCORPORATED sees print in the UK starting next month (May) with issue 7 of STRIP Magazine UK, Michael is releasing it now, digitally, through “It’s been designed and written to fit the european market,” explains Michael, “so the pages are larger, more magazine like in proportions, allowing us to fit more story on each page. The result is a story arc that fits within 48 pages.” The first two story arcs in the UK, 96 pages in length, will function as the first 4 issue mini-series through “We knew it was going to be for multiple markets so Dean and I made sure the story worked in pieces and as a whole. It’s actually been a lot of fun figuring it all out.”
As Chicago locals, Michael and Dean will have a table in C2E2’s Artist’s Alley, location D9, this weekend. 
Issue 1 of RECOVERY INCORPORATED goes on sale through this Wednesday, April 11th, for $1.99.