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Marvel's First Black Editor Slams Black Captain America

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 11/14/2014 - 17:48


The first issue of the new Captain America, with Sam Wilson in the suit, arrived in local comic book shops this week.

Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, happens to be black, and now a former Marvel Comics writer and editor has come out and offered his thoughts.

LA Times caught up with Christopher Priest - Marvel's first black editor - and also writer on a Falcon miniseries and Captain America and the Falcon series.

“It feels like a stunt. It would have felt like a stunt had I done it," Priest said.

The article goes on to mention that Priest also stated he felt Sam Wilson wouldn't become Captain America, with Priest continuing.

“Putting the black sidekick in the suit, when everyone knows sooner or later you’re going to switch things back to normal, comes off as patently offensive," he added.

Priest also said he would be "delighted" to be wrong about the black Captain America change being a stunt.

"Black America will be watching," Priest said, questioning: " Does this have real depth, or is it just surfacey costume-switching?"

Finally, Christopher Priest had some advice for Marvel: “Hire some actual black people.”

Marvel's Tom Brevoort attempted to provide some spin about the backlash at their pr site, Comic Book Resources, but did end up admitting Steve Rogers will probably be back, which answers Priest's question.

"In terms of it being a temporary thing and not being a stunt, everything we do is storytelling. Everything we do, on a certain level, is a stunt. [Laughs] It's all stories. Is it likely that at some point Steve Rogers will be Captain America again? The tide of history tells us that's probably the case."