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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Episode 4 Drops In Ratings Again

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/16/2013 - 18:26


Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues losing viewers as episode 4 has dropped in ratings albeit slighter than the previous episodes; this time by 7 percent.

Last night's episode saw around 7.6 million viewers and only a 2.7 in the adult rating.

For comparison, the pilot episode had 11.9 million viewers with a strong 4.6 in the coveted adult demographic.

Regardless of the ratings, ABC still feels strong about the series as a full 22-episode run has been ordered for the first season. The first two episodes admittedly started off slow, but the next two have come on strong. 

Here are the full Tuesday night ratings (via EW):

FOX8:00PDADS- 1.43,400
 8:30PBRKLYN 9-9- 1.53,408
 9:00PNEW GIRL- 1.83,483
 9:30PMNDY PRJCT- 1.42,833
ABC8-9PMARVL-SHLD- 2.77,681
 9:00PGOLDBERGS- 1.65,084
 9:30PTROPHY WIF- 1.34,070
CBS8-9PNCIS- 3.018,426
 9-10PNCIS:LA- 2.614,675
 10-11PPERSON-INT- 2.112,424
NBC8-9PBIGST LR15-P2.27,003
 9-10PVOICE-TUE- 3.912,690
 10-11PCHCGO FIRE- 2.48,249
CW8-9PORIGINALS- 1.12,198
 9-10PSUPRNATURAL- 1.12,313