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Marvel Will Not Be Relaunching 52 Books A Month - But There Will Be 52 #1 Covers

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 07/15/2012 - 15:38


I swear it's the mid to end of the 90s all over again.

Marvel ditches Cosmic, reboots their line and gives us all these incentive covers.

And then thousands and thousands of comic book readers headed for greener pastures.

Then 10 years later Annihilation was released.

And brought us all back.

Rinse. Repeat.

With the Marvel NOW! relaunch coming in October we learn (via BleedingCool) that Uncanny Avengers will have 12 different covers to its debut issue.


While Axel Alonso was adamant about not publishing 52 comic books in one month, I guess he really didn't mention they might be publishing 52 covers.

Actually, if they release one new Marvel NOW! book each week in a five week month - with 12 covers - that would be 60.

Marvel never could let DC one up them.