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Marvel, Stephen Wacker & CBR Ban Nova Fan IP Address From Website

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 03/24/2013 - 23:27

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6326:]]If there was any doubt out there that CBR was owned by Marvel, that's out the door.

It's not if that comes as a surprise if you are a regular reader of CBR, but Marvel and Stephen Wacker must be feeling the heat about their new "cosmic" stories.

Already they are bringing on someone who can actually write the stuff with Neil Gaiman, and the GoTG artist who Bends said he would only agree to work with on the book -- he's gone after issue three. Already. (Note: Not verified).

Then there is Jeph Loeb's Nova, which by all accounts was received favorably with the first issue. But by all accounts we mean a majority of fans liked the black ops Nova Corps aspect, which isn't what the title is about.

So as CBR does currently hold the net's largest comic message boards, fans tend to gather there and discuss the week's issues.

Of course, arguments ensue and such as you come to expect with any message board, but the CBR boards are special in that they regularly get visited by Marvel's creators.

One happens to be Editor Stephen Wacker who regularly insults Spider-Man fans, and now Nova fans, and even says to not buy the books.

Of course we don't have a problem with not buying the books, but Wacker, CBR and Marvel seem to be quite nervous about the response their "new cosmic" is getting as CBR has been deleting anything negative regarding Nova.

Case in particular is our reviewer, Timelord (anonymous for work related reasons), who Marvel has previously quoted in their solicits and press releases for Abnett and Lanning's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Timelord posted a Nova #2 review over at the CBR message boards -- which was subsequently deleted with Wacker, CBR and Marvel going so far as banning his IP address from the site.

Here is Timelord's own words:

So get this. Over at CBR, I gave a negative review of NINO. I didn't use any bad language, I didn't call anyone names, I defended myself in kind against everyone who attacked me including Wacker. Then the moderator comes on, changes the name of the thread, tells me I can't start any new threads, blocks me from accessing CBR from my home IP address - with the excuse being essentially the only acceptable discussion is that expressing admiration for the product. 

He forgot to block my iPhone though.

I replied to the effect of:

If you're going to pass judgment on a relationship I have with my lcs, censor ideas, censor debate/opinion to only that which is positive toward the publisher's product then you don't have a real forum anyway. You just have another marketing arm for the publisher. Peace out.

So guys - the only acceptable critique of NINO over at CBR is a positive one. If you have anything negative to say - it can only be presented obliquely and on little kitten feet - or you'll be censored and shown the door. 

Think CBR is essentially a wholly owned subsidiary of the big two? Maybe not on paper - but in every other way that counts the answer is yes. I'll not be darkening their door again. Got no respect for censorship.

While Stephen Wacker acts like what is called a "troll" - or worse - on various boards, at the same time he attempts to calm the Richard Rider Nova fans' fears, the ones who are doing the complaining, by including a butt-kissing write-up in the actual issue.

Will it work?

That's up to you.

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