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Marvel Preview: Bendis/Maleev Moon Knight, Avengers #11 and more with Tom Brevoort

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 02/25/2011 - 20:15


In today's "Talk To The Hat," with Marvel SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort, in addition to the preview pages from the new Moon Knight by Bendis and Maleev, pages from Avengers #11, Avengers Academy #10 (Korvac!), Wolverine #7 and more are up.

I did "borrow" a few.

Tom discusses Marvel and DC's royalty reprint policy and Marvel's "Big Shots" steet-level characters (Moon Knight, DD and Punisher) in relation to Doctor Strange, sales and even more.

"That being said, you pointed to Dr. Strange who is a pretty good example of a '60s character who was always on the bubble. His first book didn't even outlast the '60s. It ended in 1969 if I'm remembering right. And then it came back in the '70s and lasted through to the early '80s and then it came back again at the tail end of the '80s to run through most of the '90s before fading out completely. That indicates that Doc is a character who was maybe not as close to the center of the Marvel U and wasn't able to achieve the same level of critical mass," Brevoort told CBR.

The article finishes with a chance for a reader to participate in the column next week.

A lucky fan can partake in the phone call with CBR and Tom Brevoort.

"What I’m looking for—somebody who has something on his mind, some issue or issues regarding the Marvel books that they want to discuss, and who’s willing to come into this with an open mind and on good behavior," said Brevoort.


Head on over to CBR for more from Tom Brevoort and few additional preview pages.

From Moon Knight #1:

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