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Marvel Next Big Thing Live Blog For November 3rd: Winter Soldier

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/03/2011 - 14:45

Big news is supposed to hit today. Is it the announcement that Marvel will be going day and date digital on all their comics?

Follow along live below.

Update: It's on the new Winter Soldier ongoing series by Ed Brubaker and Ed Guice kicking off February 2012, as first heard about right here at Cosmic Book News.

From the feed below:

Ed says the idea for Steve Rogers to return as Captain America and Bucky to go back to being the Winter Soldier with his own book has been the plan for some time. What changed was Bucky was initially going to "die" at the end of the Gulag storyline and disappear for a few months, but when Fear Itself came along, it made more sense to do it there.

Details from that Gulag storyline, especially the revelation that Bucky has secrets in his head about other Russian weapons and sleeper agents, will lead right into Winter Soldier.

"This is me trying to create a book that is James Bond meets Splinter Cell in the Marvel Universe." -Ed Brubaker

According to Tom [Brevoort], only Cap, Nick Fury and Black Widow will know Bucky is still alive.

"That's not to say he will not encounter other Marvel characters, but it will be in the shadows. If people know Bucky is still alive, that's a problem for Cap too, who knows he's doing stuff not exactly to the letter of the law." -Tom Brevoort
Trying to make sure he's not "outed" by conspiracy theorists and people who know him will be a big part of Bucky's life in Winter Soldier.
 "There will be some classic Marvel bad guys involved in the series, but a lot of stuff in the first few arcs will be new characters with ties to Bucky's secret past during the Cold War and throughout his history." -Ed Brubaker
 "This is really my Marvel dream. I got to write Captain America and bring Bucky back, now I'm writing my ultimate Marvel spy book with Bucky, Black Widow and Nick Fury." -Ed Brubaker

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