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Marvel to launch new Cloak and Dagger series

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 04/09/2011 - 19:32


Let's see...

New Moon Knight, Daredevil, Punisher and now Cloak and Dagger.

Might as well thow in the Black Panther, or "American Panther," as I guess he is going to be called come July.

Oh yeah, Herc on the streets of NYC, too.


According to Bleeding Cool who is present at Mark Millar's comic con, KAPOW, in the UK, Nick Spencer and Emma Rios are going to be behind a new Cloak and Dagger series that gets launched out of the coming Amazing Spider-Man event, Spider-Island. It will be set in NYC and will be "about a relationship and the forces that both bring the two together – and then pull them apart."

So who's taking bets how long this one lasts?