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Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker Doesn't Want You To Buy Jeph Loeb's Nova...If

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 01/26/2013 - 21:04


Marvel Cosmic saw a resurgence under Keith Giffen and editor Andy Schmidt with Annihilation.

Schmidt was kind enough to answer fan questions - even the rabid kind - to help promote his new comics.

From there, the books would go to Bill Rosemann, who was friendly with the fans as well, and a marketing genius.

Now, the new Marvel Cosmic that features Brian Michael Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy and Jeph Loeb's Nova has come under the direction of Spider-Man editor, Stephen Wacker.

Most cosmic fans aren't familiar with Mr. Wacker, but the Spider-Man fans sure are, and the Spider-Man fans are happy that their favorite editor has something else to do.

Stephen Wacker visits the various message boards around the net, apparently not busy enough on his Marvel works, and bickers and says all kind of things to the fans and non-fans alike.

Well, everyone reading this is familiar that Marvel canceled DnA's Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy to make way for the new stuff, and they (and we) have been voicing our opinions for everyone to hear.

True, it might not matter as Marvel is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at these books - which we are guessing will get double shipped to help with their sales chart listings - but fans are vocal nonetheless.

Some fans have been voicing their displeasure about Nova at the CBR forums, and it finally seems to be getting to Mr. Wacker.

He comes out and says that if you are a hater (oh, no!) that he doesn't want you buying the book.

See, the thing is, Stephen Wacker knows how comic book readers are, and knows that no matter what Marvel puts out -- fans are still going to buy them. And that's why he acts the way he does (and probably explains a lot of their books from the past few years - ahem - all their "big" events).

So responding to a Sam Alexander NINO Nova "hater," Wacker lets loose the following:

You haven't read it, so I don't take your "hate" too seriously.

No one one does really. You're just a guy driven by hate. I'd honestly rather you didn't read the books.


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