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Marvel Comics Reboot Teaser Image #2

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Thu, 06/04/2015 - 22:26


Earlier today saw Marvel Comics announce plans for the "All New All Different" reboot this Fall, and now the publisher has released a second teaser image offering some of the changes.

We see:

• Doctor Spectrum from Hickman's Avengers

• Citizen V of the Thunderbolts

• It looks like the Thing is joining the Guardians of the Galaxy as the Thing has the same costume as Rocket Raccoon; Star-Lord is also present

• The guy in the green hoodie is Karnak, an Inhuman.

• Hyperion.

• Inferno of the Inhumans.

• Iron Man.

• Daredevil in what looks like a nod to the Netflix costume.

• X-23 as Wolverine.

• Doctor Strange carrying an axe, for some reason.

• Old Man Logan, appearing to be Wolverine as well.

The Marvel Comics relaunch/reboot hits this Fall with 55-60 all new #1 titles.