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Marvel Comics Preview: First Look At Wolverine #300; Jason Aaron's Last Arc

Posted By: Staff
Thu, 12/15/2011 - 15:46

Marvel held another live blog earlier and announced that Wolverine #300 would be the start of Jason Aaron's last arc on the title.
Here's some info, check out the blog below for the full recap:
The subject today is Wolverine #300, which will kick off Jason Aaron's FINAL arc on the title
Jason has been writing Wolverine for over 40 issues now and will wrap with a big story featuring The Hand vs the Yakuza with Logan in the middle
"This is a good story to go out on. It's the biggest Wolverine story I've ever done. Threads I've set up over my entire run come to a head. There has been a power vacuum in Japan since Silver Samurai died in Wolverine #1 and now everybody is fighting for it." -Jason Aaron
"I'm excited to go out with a bang. This is the biggest group of villains I've ever used and I've been waiting to do a Wolverine in Japan story." -Jason Aaron
Adam Kubert will be working on this arc. Ron Garney and Steven Sanders, who designed Silver Samurai, will also be working on #300.
Wolverine #300 is broken into three chapters, which each focused on the particular strengths of the artist drawing it.
Wolverine #300 is on sale in January and will kick off Jason Aaron's final arc. It will be over-sized and feature art from Adam Kubert, Ron Garney and Steven Sanders.


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