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Marvel Comics Preview: First Look At Secret Avengers #22; Covers to 23-5

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 01/09/2012 - 15:41

Marvel held a live blog today with the new writer on Secret Avengers, Rick Remender, and the new artist, Gabriel Hardman.They revealed the following preview images of Secret Avengers #22 and covers to #23, 24 and 25, of which Hawkeye takes the lead!Actually, Remender comes on board with Secret Avengers #21.1 with artist Patrick Zircher for an issue, where they are "setting up a new Masters of Evil who have their own sovereign nation," in addition to giving Hawkeye the spotlight.Details via the blog below:”¢  "The first big story is based around a guy named father, who readers of Uncanny X-Force will be familiar with. He had a hand in creating a race of descendants from all the robots in the Marvel Universe who live in the core of the Earth. The threat is actually much bigger, and we'll reveal it as we go. It's something I've been working on for some time." -Rick Remender”¢ "The first of the Descendants we see will be the Adaptoids, derived from the Super-Adaptoid." -Rick Remender”¢  "Venom will be the odd man out at first. In some ways he'll be the reader's perspective moving forward. Here's a guy who grew up wanting to be Spider-Man, then had his dreams taken away by his accident and now he has all this power and he's an Avenger. He's like an 18-year-old kid who loved music and grew up to work with Madonna. I am not comparing Hawkeye to Madonna." -Rick Remender”¢  Every cool robot in the Marvel Universe has a Descendant and they're all working together. It's something that will be problematic for a lot of people moving forward. This can't be swept under the rug. These are sentient beings. It will cause a dilemma." -Rick Remender”¢  "The seeds for the Descendants were planted in Uncanny X-Force, but I always conceived them as being bigger than just that book." -Rick Remender”¢  There will be Avengers Vs. X-Men tie-ins in Secret Avengers after Rick and Gabe's first arc.”¢  Tom saying not to assume that Hawkeye's new costume means his entire personality will be shifting toward the Ultimate or movie versions. He's still the Hawkeye we know. The new costume was designed by Bryan Hitch for an Ultron story set in the future and Tom thought it made sense to create a visual tie to the movie and hopefully attracting new fans.”¢ Next arc we will see War Machine. AvX shakes up the board a little bit." -Rick RemenderClick to enlarge and launch viewer:<?php

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